Обложка альбома CWA.
  • Трек: Cwał
  • Исполнитель (артист): Kuba Stankiewicz
  • Длительность 3:46
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "Kuba Stankiewicz - Cwał"

    “Only straight girls wear dresses,” It read upon the stall
    While the dyke who wrote it must not have a brain at all
    I got all perturbed, yes, I got mighty mad
    At all the assumptions made about my clad

    So I left the ladies’ lounge in a cloud of perfume
    When I saw the same gal who vandalized the bathroom
    She looked at me from across her foamy brew
    Checked out my hot pants and fancy hair-dew
    I saw a spark of interest in her half closed eyes
    So I moseyed over to her feeling sex between my thighs

    I said, “You’re kinda cute with hidden zeal”
    She turned to me and said, “Hey, are you for real?”
    “Only straight girls wear dresses,” it read in her eyes
    If I had been in my Levi’s
    She’d be quick to lick
    But because I’m in a mini-skirt, she thinks I suck to(e)-dick

    So I flicked my Bic and lit my self an Ultra Slim
    I said, “One date with me, you’ll never be the same again”
    She said, “You think you know about a women’s pleasure?”
    “Hun, what I know is too much to measure…”

    I grabbed her chin
    She gave a slight grin
    I said, “Bitch I’m not a talent scout
    If you fuck with me, I’m gonna wear you out…”
    She said, “I’ve never been one to back down from a dare
    I’ll see what you’re made of anytime, anywhere.”

    “Then get your fat butt off that bar seat
    I’m not gonna do you where all can see…
    You screamin’ under my hand
    Your entire body under my command.”
    She followed my tail back to the room of sin
    Where her dream-come-true was about to begin

    I got both hands into her tight-waist band
    Our eyes were locked and that’s where I began
    I slammed her firmly up against the wall
    Undid her buttons so her jeans could fall
    Tugged on the snaps of her black leather vest
    Low and behold I found two fine breasts

    I began to shiver but I played it cool
    “Don’t let them see you sweat,” is my golden rule
    I had a crush on this girl since two months ago
    But to a dish like me, she was stone cold…
    Putty in my hands; she was what I was kissing
    Only now what she find out what she’d been missing

    I took her mouth; it was hot and wet
    While my hands roamed, she was loosing her façade
    Her pussy was dripping and I heard her say, “Please”
    So I whipped out my latex and went between her knees
    Her legs squeezed me tight, she could not resist
    Meanwhile I wondered how she’d feel around my fist

    I ate her up like a ripe, fresh mango
    Her butt was jerkin’ like a double-time tango
    She’s breathing hard and clawing at my head
    Could she come standing up or should I pull her down instead?
    This girl was wet with sweat and lust, I could see
    I began to wonder what she would do for me
    She began to drool and I heard a loud wail
    Then she came with a tremor that measured on the Rhictor Scale

    “Only straight girls wear dresses” glared in red above her head
    As she stared at me with surprise and respect
    “Now before you eat me, you better eat those words…”
    She grabbed me by the neck and the rest is a blur.
    • 4:44
      only straight girls wear dresses
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      Sothis (Dead Heat Remix)
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      Only Straight Girls Wear Dresses
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      Jeff Hardy
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      Last Survivor 2010 alt. Song
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      Человек в маске
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      Chris Sabin 2011 theme song
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      Я боец
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      Final Encounter 2010 alt. Song
    • 3:34
      Official School Song
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      Eliminatior Chamber 2010 Song
    • 4:39
      Razor Ramon
    • 2:40
      Instrumental "Party" (Original)
    • 4:33
      Подкаст на ВЛЛ
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      Инструментальная (Original)
    • 2:43
      CombatMania - обзор от Майки
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      Randy Savage
    • 3:52
      Combatmania 2 2011 2th Official theme
    • 4:43
      Only Straight Girls Wear Dresses
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      Special New Year Supershow 2010 alt. Song
    • 2:34
      ArmA CWA
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      Jeff Hardy
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      Cannonball Grizzly 2 (Everything About You by Ugly Kid Joe)
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      AWA, CWA
      Vader (Born In The U.S.A.)
    • 1:14
      FT-2 Loading 2016 (RHS+CWA)
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